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Bethany R. Smith on ResearchGate

I am a PhD student at Nottingham Trent University studying the ecological effects of livestock guarding dogs. My fieldwork is yet to commence, but I’ll be using camera traps to keep an eye on the co-occurring wildlife, and scat collection for dietary analyses.

I’m also really interested in bioacoustics and conduct independent research with Canid Howl Project. At present we mainly study the vocal interactions between wolves, coyotes and dogs, and how we can use passive acoustic monitoring to keep track of wolf and coyote movements.

Before starting my PhD I worked as Data & Information Officer for Mammal Society, and am now their Student Representative. In this role I am coordinating the society’s annual University Mammal Challenge (UMAC); a competition in which student teams try to record as many mammals as possible on their university campuses. I also started a Student of the Month feature and showcase the research of a student working on UK mammals every month.

I have an MRes in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation from Imperial College London and a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Throughout my undergraduate and master’s, my research topics were very varied but included: rewilding; environmental DNA (eDNA); wildlife responses to human disturbance; ecosystem engineering; and population dynamics. You can read about these projects under Past Research.

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